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New Salem - September 30, 2009

Career Corner

Mrs. Linda Becker
National Certified Counselor
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
New Salem-Almont High School
Dr. Gaylynn Becker
National Certified Career Counselor
National Certified School Counselor

On a beautiful crisp fall morning, September 24, the New Salem-Almont seniors boarded the bus to ride to Century High School in Bismarck for the area College Career Fair. They joined many high school seniors from around the area for the opportunity to visit in person with college, university and military personnel. There was an impressive array of both in and out-of-state colleges, universities and training programs represented. Seniors got questions answered and brought home some pretty nice pens and pencils! Seeing Century High School was an added bonus.

After enjoying a nice lunch of buffet treats, sub sandwiches or pizza, they again boarded the bus, skillfully driven by Wade Schulz, to make their way to the Bismarck State College (BSC) campus. Once there, admission representatives from BSC met them. They started in Schafer Hall where they had a short informational session, which included some questions for the seniors, which were asked by the BSC reps. It turns out that the seniors have been doing a great job of preparing for their senior year and their futures. After hearing that nearly every senior had already take the ACT test at least once, the BSC reps said the New Salem-Almont seniors were well ahead of most seniors. Many of our seniors have made plans for next year; some have already submitted college and housing applications. I hope other seniors will follow their lead.

The seniors and their chaperons, Mrs. Becker and Mr. Schumacher, got some extra exercise by taking a walking tour around the BSC campus. We saw the National Energy Center of Excellence, which has an amazing view of the powerful Missouri River from the top floor. A tour of the Student Union included the bookstore and the MACC, which is the career and counseling center. The new co-ed housing complex, Lidstrom Hall was stylish and had all the comforts of home.

After winning some prizes for answering BSC trivia questions, it was back on the bus for the seniors. I believe the day was educational, fun and very memorable.

Dr. and Mrs. Becker feel proud of the seniors’ efforts! Mrs. Becker was extremely proud of the seniors’ behavior and positive attitudes during the College Fair and Tour. I hope they feel good about how well they represented themselves and their community. We wish them continued success all year as they continue to prepare for life after high school.

If you have any questions on career and other counseling issues, please contact Mrs. Becker at New Salem-Almont High School at 843-7610. She will most often be at the High School on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
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