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New Salem - September 19, 2007

Counselor’s Corner

Dr. Gaylynn Becker
National Certified Career Counselor
National Certified School Counselor
New Salem High School

Important Dates and Events for Seniors

Congratulations seniors! You’ve come a long way since starting school in kindergarten. This will hopefully be your best year in school so far. It certainly was for me when I was a high school senior. To assist you in your post-secondary planning, I have compiled both a list of important dates as well as a timeline to assist you and your parents. Please feel free to add additional items to your list.

Important Dates/Events
September 20, 2007 College Career Fair at Bismarck High School
September 20, 2007 Bismarck State College Campus Visit
October 27, 2007 ACT Test Date
December 9, 2007 Financial Aid Night – ITV Room
December 8, 2007 ACT Test Date
February 9, 2008 ACT Test Date
February 1, 2008 have IRS forms completed for a chance at state grants
February 15, 2008 submit FAFSA forms for a chance at state grants
April 12, 2008 ACT Test Date
May 18, 2008 High School Graduation!
June 14, 2008 ACT Test Date

Monthly Timeline For Seniors
Here are some recommendations and a timeline I have compiled to assist seniors and their parents in planning. Please add additional items to the list.

Every Month
1. Check for scholarships @
2. Check Dr. Becker’s College Scholarship Lists
3. Ask others for assistance when you need it
3. Do your best in school, home, community, & life

September – October
1. Check that you have all the credits needed for graduation
2. Register for any correspondence courses needed
3. Attend College Career Fair Day
4. Bismarck State College Campus Visit
5. Apply for college admission
6. Apply for college scholarships through your college
7. Apply for residence hall admission
8. Take the ACT – unless already taken
9. Update your Career Planning Portfolio
10. Create or update your resume
11. Campus visit during NDEA Instructional Conference
12. Job Shadow during NDEA Instructional Conference
13. Take a CLEP Test for college credit

November – December
1. Attend Financial Aid Night – December 9th
(This is for both parents of seniors & seniors)
2. Take the ACT – unless already taken
3. Campus visit
4. Job shadow
5. Check for confirmation on college admission
6. Some colleges begin to award scholarships

January – February
1. Apply for federal student aid (FAFSA)
2. Transcript review of classes needed to graduate
3. Transcript review of class rank and GPA
4. Check the confirmation on college admission
5. Campus visit
6. Job shadow

March – April
1. Complete and mail the FAFSA if not already done
2. Update your Career Planning Portfolio
3. Update your resume
4. Take the ACT

May – June
1. Review & return Financial Aid Package from colleges
2. Take a CLEP test for college credit
3. Finalize your post-secondary plans
4. Graduate!

Seniors, I hope you continue to wisely plan your futures. Utilize your available resources such as parents, teachers, counselors, college instructors and of course your friends. Plan, achieve, and you will succeed in realizing your “Field of Dreams.”

If you have any questions on careers, counseling, or assessment topics, please either go to or contact me at New Salem High School at 843-7610, or at my residence at 222-3222.

Have a great year!