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New Salem - October 1, 2008

Counselorís Corner

© 2008 Dr. Gaylynn Becker
National Certified Career Counselor
National Certified School Counselor
New Salem High School

College Campus Visit!

We recently took the whole senior class to the College Career Fair hosted at Century High School. Representative from over 50 colleges/universities, trade schools, branches of the military and financial institutions were available to assist students in their career planning.

In the afternoon we went for a campus visit and tour of Bismarck State College. We visited almost every building including the new energy center building and the new dormitory that just opened.

Below are some of the seniors in one of the laboratories in the new BSC building that houses the energy programs.

(See the New Salem Journal for the photo_
(Thanks to Carolyn Majors for the picture.)

It was a very productive day for students regarding obtaining college applications, other information and to be able to ask questions and obtain information from college representatives.

It was a pleasure to take these seniors on a college career day and campus visit. We have great students at New Salem High School. It is a great reflection of students, parents and community members of New Salem Public Schools. Thanks to Wade Schulz for driving the bus to get all of us safely there and back again.

Career Development Advisory Committee Meeting

We held the fall meeting of the New Salem, Glenn Ullin, and Hebron Career Development Advisory Committee on Wednesday September 17, 2008. New Salem committee members of this 3-district committee are:
Ty Kruger, Heidi Nilsen, Kendra Hoger, Laura Kunkel, Robin Doll, Deb Toepke, Bonnie Toepke, Gordon Davis, Bruce Schumacher, and Gaylynn Becker.

Thanks to all of the committee members for your work and feedback on making the career development program at New Salem High School the best program possible!

ACT EXPLORE Assessment

On October 3rd New Salem 8th grade students will take the ACT EXPLORE Assessment at New Salem High School. This test is an 8th grade form of the ACT. Students will receive an ACT type of score that can be used to help them determine how far along they are in being academically ready for college in the areas of reading, English, math and science. In addition they will receive information back regarding some occupations they may like to consider on ACTís World of Work Map.

This is the first time that the EXPLORE will be administered to New Salem High School students. We are part of an equating research study and as a result we will receive results at no charge to the students.


On December 6th all sophomores will be taking the PLAN Test. This test is a sophomore version of the ACT that sophomores have been taking at New Salem ever since I started working here. It also provides college readiness information as well as occupations students may want to consider on the ACT World of Work Map.

If you have any questions on career and other counseling issues, please contact me at New Salem High School at 843-7610. If something urgent comes up please call me at my residence at 222-3222.

Have an excellent Academic Day!