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New Salem - May 30, 2007

Counselor’s Corner

Dr. Gaylynn Becker
National Certified School Counselor
National Certified Career Counselor
New Salem High School

Scholarship Recipients!

Dollars For Scholars and Class of ‘51 Scholarship Recipients!
This year’s recipients of the New Salem/Almont Dollars for Scholars Scholarships are:
Katie Fleck,
Marci Gilstad,
Sarah Holle,
Mekenzie Kautzman,
Rilie Larson,
Lindsey Lennick,
Brekka Thompson,
Briana Toepke, and
Ashley Urlacher.

This year’s recipients of the Class of ’51 Scholarships are:
Bridget Kilen,
Teryl Norton, and
Garrett Schultz .

Thanks to everyone from New Salem, Almont, and the surrounding area who contributed to these scholarships. Also, thanks to the Class of ’51. In addition, thanks to Mark Fleck and those on the New Salem/Almont Dollars For Scholars Scholarship Committee for all of their efforts. I hope this effort continues by everyone involved in providing opportunities for our students to continue their education!

Additional Class of 2007 Scholarship Recipients!
One of the best things I like about my job is helping students in obtaining funding to pursue post-secondary education in order to make their dreams a reality. This includes federal loans, grants, college work-study, and scholarships. Class of 2007 college scholarship recipients are:

Joey Doll is receiving the BSC Harvey Thorson Memorial Scholarship.

Katie Fleck is receiving the MSU University Academic Scholarship.

Marci Gilstad is receiving the NDSU Freshman Academic Scholarship.

Brett Goetz is receiving 3 Brandon University Scholarships.

Sarah Holle is receiving the following DSU scholarships: Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Scholarship, Intercollegiate Athletic Scholarship for Track & Field, and the Roughrider Homestead Scholarship.

Mekenzie Kautzman is receiving the DSU Senster & Florence Anderson Memorial Scholarship.

Bridget Kilen is receiving the NDSU Freshman Academic Scholarship and the NDSU Dunbar Scholarship.

Louden Kruger is receiving the DSU Roughrider Homestead Scholarship.

Samantha Lauf is receiving the BSC Athletic Scholarship.

Lindsey Lennick is receiving the BSC Harvey Thorson Memorial Scholarship.

Danyal Nilsen is receiving the MSU Tom & Mary Probst Scholarship.

Teryl Norton is receiving the following scholarships from DSU: Roughrider Homestead Scholarship; Intercollegiate Athletic Scholarship – Women’s Basketball; and the DSU Foundation Scholarship.

Garrett Schultz is receiving the following NDSU scholarships: Henry and EM Eggert Honors Scholarship; Freshman Academic Scholarship; and the Valedictorian Textbook Scholarship.

Andrea Seeger is receiving the DSU Florence & Senster Anderson Memorial Scholarship.

Brekka Thompson is receiving the NDSCS Academic Scholarship.

Briana Toepke is receiving the NDSCS Academic Scholarship.

Ashley Urlacher is receiving the DSU Intercollegiate Athletic Golf Scholarship.

Berger Family Scholarship
This year’s recipient is Sarah Holle! Thanks to the family of the late Kaspar and Paulene Berger for the Berger Family Scholarship. Kaspar worked at the Farmers Union Lumber Yard for many years and Paulene worked at the Schmid Café for many decades as well here in New Salem. The family’s $ 2,000.00 scholarship contribution is greatly appreciated.

Mindy Morgenstern Memorial Athletic & Academic Scholarship
This year Eunice and Larry Morgenstern wanted to do something in memory of Mindy Morgenstern. With memorial funds received Eunice and Larry Morgenstern wanted to help someone who is both a good athlete and a good student. This year’s recipient of this scholarship is Teryl Norton. Thanks to the Morgenstern’s for their generosity.

Dorothy Templeton Bettencourt Scholarship
This scholarship is funded in memory of Dorothy Templeton Bettencourt from Almont. This years recipients are:
Heather Heid,
Rilie Larson,
Matthew Thiel,
Brekka Thompson, and
Ashley Urlacher.
Thanks to Sherilyn Johnson and other citizens of Almont who do the leg work to make this scholarship happen.

Thanks To Scholarship Donors!
Thanks to all people who contributed to local scholarships for New Salem High School graduates. I can say from first had experiences that when students are informed of their local scholarships whether I inform them at school or they are informed of it at graduation, a sparkle shines through their eyes. Sometimes they are overcome with emotion. And sometimes they get a big smile on their face and they say “Yes!”

I hope that scholarship recipients write thank you letters or cards to those who have contributed scholarships. If scholarship recipients are short on words, just a simple “Thanks for the scholarship it is appreciated and will really help me afford college” would be nice. One could also briefly state how the money will help in pursuing post-secondary education and realizing one’s dreams. This helps to convey gratitude to the donors as well as to help the scholarship donors to want to continue donating and awarding the scholarship.

The above scholarships are the ones of which I am aware. Some students will receive some additional scholarships. As of now New Salem student scholarships total $ 40,950.00 for the first year of college. When I calculate in the renewable scholarships, the total amount of scholarships these students are eligible to receive totals $ 121,950.00. Some students still are waiting to receive word on some scholarships. Way to go graduates!

Congratulations for your hard work and extra effort in high school. Often hard work does pay off in the long run. Receiving these scholarships is like getting paid for doing well in high school. I hope current high school students who read this will be motivated to continue to do their best in school and in life.
Giving Back to the Community

If someone out there is wondering what they can give back to the New Salem/Almont community, there are many things that can be done. If you have more than you need and at some point in your life and you would like to help out some young people pursue post-secondary education, please consider a scholarship so that our young people can receive some additional assistance in realizing their dreams. Contact me for more information.

If you have any questions on career and counseling topics you can see my Career Planning website at or e-mail me at You can also contact me at New Salem High School at 843-7610, at Mandan Public Schools at 663-7551, or at my residence at 222-3222.

Have an excellent summer!