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New Salem - May 23, 2007

Counselorís Corner

Dr. Gaylynn Becker
National Certified School Counselor
National Certified Career Counselor
New Salem High School

Career Development Advisory Committee

The Career Development Advisory Committee at New Salem High School consists of 5 students, parents, business people, teachers, principal, superintendent, & the career counselor. I ask that committee members provide feedback to me on the career development program. This would include feedback on the following: career planning portfolios, Choices Planner activities, financial aid, scholarships, various assessment programs, college application process, ACT test preparation activities, and any issues related to counseling and career development activities. This feedback can be provided to me formally or informally at any time throughout the year.

In addition, we meet at least twice a year with the consortium to make decisions that affect us all. At the fall 2005 meeting, one of the changes we have made as a result of student recommendations is to have more career speakers in for students to learn about various occupations. As a result, Iíve had more career speakers in the past 2 years. To assist me in deciding which career speakers to bring in to speak, I survey the high school students.

At last weekís advisory committee meeting a recommendation was made to pursue the possibility of having a consortium career fair at one of the schools in the consortium. We did that a twice a few years ago with the help of some School-To-Work funds. However, that federal program no longer exists. We will still pursue checking into this recommendation.

Career Development Advisory Committee Meeting
The I-94 Career Development Advisory Committee met on Monday, May 14, 2007. This advisory committee consists of the career development advisory committees from 3 school districts: New Salem, Glen Ullin, and Hebron Public Schools. Members of the New Salem Career Development Advisory Committee are in the picture below.


(L-R front row: Bryce Tellmann, Brekka Thompson, Garrett Schultz
Middle row: Dr. Gaylynn Becker, Heidi Nilsen, Ty Kruger, & Ron Schulz
Back row: Claire Fitzgerald, Mrs. Robin Doll, & Mr. Gordon Davis)

At my request Claire Fitzgerald stopped by to review our Career Development Program at New Salem High School. She also viewed data Iíve compiled about the career development program. Some of the data includes a survey I give to our seniors just prior to graduation about the career development program.

Mrs. Fitzgerald is the Career Development State Supervisor in the North Dakota Department of Career & Technical Education. While she was here she was able to participate in our Career Development Advisory Committee Meeting. Claire thanks for visiting our school and participating in our meeting.

Thanks to all the members of the New Salem Career Development Committee for your input into the career development program at New Salem High School. A special thank you to Brekka Thompson and Garrett Schultz for serving on the committee. They both graduated Sunday and I will miss them both on the committee and I will miss seeing their smiling faces and positive attitudes at New Salem High School. Iím very happy for them, as they both are pursuing some great career plans and dreams. Yes!

If you have any questions on counseling or career development topics, please contact me at New Salem High School at 843-7610, Mandan Public Schools at 663-7551, or at my residence at 222-3222.

Have an excellent academic day!