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New Salem - January 30, 2008

Counselor’s Corner

Dr. Gaylynn Becker
National Certified Career Counselor
National Certified School Counselor
New Salem High School

Choices Planner!

Choices, choices, does it seem like you have too many choices in life? During the past month in Mrs. Olheiser’s 7th and 8th grade English classes, students have been exploring their career choices in a program called “Choices Planner.” This is a program that can be accessed at A site ID and password are then needed to proceed.

After going to the website, students need to create their own portfolio and can begin to find out what kinds of occupations match up to their interests. Another program in Choices Planner matches student’s skills and what is important to students. Students then have 3 separate lists of occupations they can explore. Below are some students hard at work!

(To see the photos for this article, please see the New Salem Journal)

Terrica identifying her interests

Paige & Mrs. Olheiser back to the computer to find information

Mrs. Olheiser helping students interpret their results by having students write about some of the occupations they are exploring as part of a class writing activity.

Matt, Mikaela & Lakin discussing some options

Paige, Mrs. Olheiser, & Hailey

Mrs. Olheiser & Chris

Of course, in junior high students do not make commitments to occupations. However, it provides them with an opportunity to explore some occupations, learn how to use the program and get some English credit at the same time. This activity will also help some students see a connection between what they are doing in school and the world of work.

If your son or daughter attends New Salem High School, you too can access the Choices Program. After going to the website listed above, you can obtain the site ID and password from your son, daughter or contact me. You can then do some exploring of your own. Some of the other features in Choices Planner are: locating information about occupations, finding which colleges offer the major you are interested in, building a resume and more!

Thanks to Mrs. Olheiser for all of her time and effort. Also, thanks to the Student Loans Division of the Bank of North Dakota for providing all of the high schools in North Dakota with this program. Oh, there is also TestGEAR on This is a great ACT Test Prep program for our students to use to help them do their best on the ACT.

For more information on career information and links, please go to If you have any questions on career, counseling, or assessment topics, please contact me at either New Salem High School at 843-7610, or at my residence at 222-3222.

Have an excellent academic day!