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New Salem - January 17, 2007

Counselor’s Corner

Dr. Gaylynn Becker
National Certified Career Counselor
National Certified School Counselor
New Salem High School
New Salem, North Dakota 58563

Have you been wondering what scholarships are available for students?

This article contains some of the current scholarships I list, distribute to students, and post on the bulletin board outside my office door. This is my 10th scholarship list update of the year. These and additional scholarships can be seen on my website at However, in order for students to receive any of these scholarships, students must apply.

Scholarships listed here are for seniors unless stated specifically for someone else.

The Berger Family Scholarship application deadline is 3/1/07. The award is for $ 2,000. Preference is given to students who are members of St. Pius Catholic Church in New Salem. Other criteria include: GPA, ACT, class rank, career goals, & activities.

The Berger Family Scholarship is made available by the descendents of the late Kaspar and Paulene Berger. Kaspar worked at the Farmers Union Lumber Yard for many years. Paulene worked for 50 years at the Schmid Café in New Salem. Thanks to the Berger Family for making this scholarship possible.

The 2007 Careers In Agriculture Scholarship is for $ 1,000. The selection criteria include: need, career goals, activities, essay, and 2 letters of recommendation. The application deadline is March 1, 2007.

The 2007 Commitment to Agriculture Scholarship is for $ 1,500. Selection criteria include: GPA, ACT, activities, leadership, and work experience. The application deadline is 2/15/07.

The Discover Card Tribute Award deadline is 1/31/07 and is only for juniors. Nationally 300 scholarships for $ 2,500 each will be awarded. In addition, ten $ 25,000 scholarships will be awarded. Selection criteria include: minimum GPA of 2.75 and excel in 3 areas: leadership, community service, and obstacles overcome. Students apply online at The access code is “disc”. After applying online an AIN number will be issued to the applicant with which to access the status of your application. The application deadline is January 31, 2007.

The Best Buy Scholarship is for those who live within 50 miles of a Best Buy store. Criteria for the scholarship include: GPA, activities, volunteering, and work experience. Two $ 1,500 scholarships will be awarded from each store. Apply online at The application deadline is 2/15/07.

The Farm Credit Services Scholarship deadline is 3/1/07. This scholarship is for students from a farming or ranching background or who are pursuing an agricultural related career. Selection criteria include: ACT, class rank, need, and activities. Scholarships vary between $ 500. - $ 1,000.

The 2007 FFA Scholarships deadline is 2/15/07. The dollar amounts vary. The FFA national organization will consider submitting student applications to over 100 scholarship organizations for the student. Selection criteria include: ACT, GPA, class rank, agriculture experience, leadership, essay, FFA member, etc.

The Foundation for Rural Service application deadline is 3/1/07. Awards are for $ 2,500. Selection criteria include: min 2.00 GPA, rural telephone service, attend a 2 or 4 yr. college, interest in returning to a rural community, and recommendations. See Dr. Becker or apply online at

The Mor-Gran-Sou Scholarship deadline is 2/23/07. Four $ 500 scholarships will be awarded to Mor-Gran-Sou members. Selection criteria include: GPA, ACT, essay, and recommendations. You can apply online at

The North Dakota Scholars Program is for North Dakota students who take the ACT during their junior year. The final ACT test date for these juniors to qualify is 6/9/07. The top 20 scorers in North Dakota receive a 4-year tuition free North Dakota scholarship.

The Phi Delta Kappa Scholarship deadline is 2/1/07. This scholarship is for students who plan to become teachers. Selection criteria include: transcript, 2 letters of reference, and an essay.

Ronald McDonald House Charities will award $ 1,000 scholarships. The application deadline is 2/15/07. Selection criteria include: GPA, class rank, recommendation, personal statement, etc. Stop in my office for an application or download one at You can also call and request an application from 1-866-851-3994 or e-mail and request one.

The Western Cooperative Credit Union Scholarship application deadline is 3/30/07. The scholarship award is $ 500. Selection criteria include: credit union member, volunteering, work, activities, honors, & essay. Either see Dr. Becker or visit

The West River Telecom (WRT) Scholarship deadline is 1/31/07. Winners receive $ 500. Selection criteria include: GPA, ACT, WRT phone service, activities, work experience, plans & goals. See Dr. Becker or go to for an application.

If students have not yet applied for scholarships through the college they plan to attend, they should apply immediately. I’m glad to see that some students have been busy applying for scholarships. This year’s seniors are an extraordinarily high achieving group of students as evidenced by their GPA’s and the North Dakota State Assessment results. If they apply for scholarships, as a group these seniors should be receiving a substantial amount of scholarships. What a great group of students!

Students can do their own scholarship search at either or

For information on more scholarships, career information, links, etc. please go to If you have any questions on career, counseling, or assessment topics, please contact me at either New Salem High School at 843-7610, or at my residence at 222-3222.

Have an excellent academic day!