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New Salem - February 3, 2010

Career Corner

Mrs. Linda Becker
National Certified Counselor
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
New Salem-Almont High School
Dr. Gaylynn Becker
National Certified Career Counselor
National Certified School Counselor

Just like Magic

One of the goals of being in high school is to graduate. Another very important reason for students to be in school is to help prepare them for life after the senior year and graduation. Asking students who are 18 or 19 years old to make decisions that will affect the rest of their adult lives is asking a lot. No worries, making decisions about a future career is just like magic; it is easy if you know how!

Mrs. Becker teaches all students in grades 7-12 that there are two things that can help them decide on a future career. They should learn about what they are good at, their abilities. They should also learn what their interests are. If students base decisions about life after high school on their interests and abilities, they are likely to enjoy the work they do. It is just like magic.

Recently, Mrs. Becker asked Dr. Becker if he would like to visit the students at New Salem Almont High School. He knew he would enjoy that so it was decided that he would be a guest speaker in the 7th and 8th grade classes. All of the students got the opportunity to have class in the computer lab and learn about the web site The web site gives students access to career development activities. The 7th graders set up an account, which will allow them to complete activities anywhere they have internet access. The 7th graders competed an interest survey, which will be included in their career portfolios.

The 8th graders completed the Work Values Sorter and the Basic Skills Survey both of which are available on the website. These will also become part of their career portfolios. Thank You to Dr. Becker, he did an excellent job of instructing the students on the use of the career website. Students can continue to use their portfolio through their senior year. Parents can also set up an account by going to the website.

If you have any questions on career and other counseling issues, please contact Mrs. Linda Becker at New Salem Almont High School at 843-7610. She is most often at the High School on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
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