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New Salem - February 25, 2009

Counselor’s Corner

By Dr. Gaylynn Becker
National Certified Career Counselor
National Certified School Counselor
New Salem High School Counselor’s Corner

Career Clusters!
In February, many New Salem High School students took the “Career Clusters Interest Survey.” This survey begins on page 18 of this year’s “Career Outlook.” There are over 25,000 different occupations. Each of these occupations is classified under 1 of 16 different career clusters. The “Career Cluster Interest Survey” helps students identify their 3 top career clusters based upon how they respond to items in 3 categories:
1. Activities that describe what I like to do
2. Personal qualities that describe me
3. School subjects that I like.

In the picture below students are hard at work completing their career cluster inventories.

(See The New Salem Journal for photos)

Students also read some additional articles in the “Career Outlook.” Some of the sections looked at in class were:
• Hot jobs in North Dakota
• College costs in North Dakota colleges
• Resume writing
• Sample Letter of Application
• What are the Benefits of Higher Education?
• Applying for Financial Aid
• North Dakota Educational Site Directory

In addition to the above there is also a centerfold that consists of a matrix of college majors and North Dakota Postsecondary Education/Training Programs. There are also many pages devoted to occupations that are categorized by career cluster.

In case your 7-12th grade student didn’t show you this document, you may want to ask them to show and explain how the “Career Cluster Interest Survey” is done and how to interpret the results. It would be good for your student to spend more time using the “Career Outlook” than what limited time I have to go over parts of it with them in the classroom. If you would like your own copy of the “Career Outlook” stop by my office as I still have a few extra. The “Career Outlook” can also be picked up at public libraries throughout North Dakota.

The “Career Outlook” is a publication of the North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education’s Career Resource Network (CRN). Kathy Holle is the CRN Supervisor. Thanks to Kathy and everyone else who contributed to this year’s publication. Another familiar name on the Career Outlook Advisory Committee this year is Bryce Tellmann. Thanks Bryce!

If you have any questions on financial aid, career and other counseling issues, please contact me at New Salem High School at 843-7610. If something urgent comes up I can be reached at my residence at 222-3222.

Have an excellent Academic Day!