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New Salem - December 7, 2005

Counselor's Corner

Dr. Gaylynn Becker
National Certified Career Counselor
New Salem & Hebron High Schools

Career Videos
Career videos are one of many components of a comprehensive career development program. However, components are only helpful if they are accessed and used. This article describes how career videos can be accessed through an Internet website that New Salem and Hebron students have access to called “Guidance Central.” The last section of this article describes another career video website that is available to anyone who has Internet access.

I am in the process of making classroom visits to demonstrate via the Internet using my laptop computer and a projector so students will have the opportunity to know how they can access these videos. Thanks to Mrs. Gilstad, Mrs. Olheiser, and Mr. VanderWal for letting me demonstrate this in their English and Government classes.

Guidance Central
New Salem High School students can access career videos on Guidance Central. To access Guidance Central a student needs to go to Once there select the login located on the right half of the screen. Now a Site ID and a Password are needed to proceed further. I provide this site ID and Password information to students each year. After this information is typed in click on “Go.”

At this point Guidance Central appears. Guidance Central contains three programs. These programs are: Choices Explorer, Choices Planner, and TestGEAR. Each program is unique. If you want to see the videos on specific occupations, click on “Choices Planner.” Then click on the “Work” folder.

Scroll down the left hand side of the page to “Find Careers By” and select “Video List.” You will then see a screen with occupations listed in alphabetical order. After selecting the occupation you are interested in you will see a new screen with information on that occupation in folders labeled with the following: “What They Do”, “Skills You Need”, “What To Learn”, “Money & Outlook”, and “Connections.” On this same screen to the right hand side you will see “Watch Video.” To view a video on this career, simply click on “Watch Video.” Your computer should at this point load and play the video. It will take a short while for the computer to download the video. So, don't be hasty and click elsewhere thinking it doesn't work. If your computer does not have the required program, your computer should indicate what is needed in order to view the video.

Thanks to the Bank of North Dakota and Student Loans of North Dakota for providing all three components of Guidance Central to every high school and junior high school in North Dakota.

If you are reading this and you do not have access to Guidance Central and Choices Planner or you want to access an additional website with career videos? Read on.

Career Videos Anyone Can View
If you do not have access to Guidance Central and Choices Planner but have Internet access, you can view other career videos on the Internet. Simply go to my Career Planning website at Once there select “Career Planning.” Then under “Links to Career Planning Resources” select “America's Career InfoNet.” Next, in the middle panel select “Videos.” You will now have a choice of selecting career videos by one of the following categories:
1. Cluster and Career Videos
2. Spanish Version Videos
3. Industry Videos
4. Work Option Videos
5. Ability Videos
6. Download Videos.

These videos can also be selected by going directly to Once there select “Career InfoNet.” Then select “Videos” in the middle column. However, I recommend going through my web site described above as I have over 20 links to other “Career Planning” resources that may be of interest to you.

For more information on career information and links, please see my Career Planning website at If you have any questions on career, counseling, or assessment topics, please contact me at New Salem High School at 843-7610, at Hebron High School at 878-4442, or at my residence at 222-3222.

Have an excellent academic day!