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New Salem - April 22, 2009

Counselorís Corner

By Dr. Gaylynn Becker
National Certified Career Counselor
National Certified School Counselor
New Salem High School Counselorís Corner

Thatís a Nails Box?
Agriculture Education (Ag. Ed.) isnít just for farmers. It is for everyone. I visited Mr. Shawn Feiringís 8th grade Ag. Ed. Class in April. His students were sawing, drilling, burning, staining, varnishing, and more all in the same classroom and at the same time. The students will end up with something they can take home that they created and can use a lifetime.

8th graders hard at work!

It reminded me of when Karl (my son) was that age and created some things in an exploratory Career and Technical Education (CTE) course. What he made is still used today. It is more than just the object he made in class. It is something that he created and is something that will always be special. What some of these students are making here at New Salem High School will be special in some high schools too.

Romeo and Juliet Anyone?
In April Mrs. Margaret Hansonís 9th grade English classes were doing skits. Some students asked me to come and watch them perform. So, I sat in one of her classes.
What a group of interested hard working students! They certainly got into their roles and were great at expressing themselves. I was impressed. I was even more impressed when I discovered that they wrote their own lines and story. Of course, part of it was on the theme of Romeo and Juliet. Oh yes, it got tense at times such as during the swordfight! Iím glad they were only acting.
Iíve included a few pictures below for your viewing. Pictures do say show more than what words can say.

Career Speaker
Dr. Biron Baker will be in Mrs. Wardzinskiís Algebra II classes at 1:30 and 2:25 today. If anyone from the New Salem/Almont area would like to attend, please call Mrs. Karen Becker at 843-7610 and let us know you are coming. He will explain what it takes to become a medical doctor, what influenced his decision-making process and more!
If you have any questions on financial aid, career and other counseling issues, please contact me at New Salem High School at 843-7610. If something urgent comes up I can be reached at my residence at 222-3222.

Have an excellent Academic Day!