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New Salem - April 14, 2010

Career Corner

Mrs. Linda Becker
National Certified Counselor
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
New Salem-Almont High School
Dr. Gaylynn Becker
National Certified Career Counselor
National Certified School Counselor

Juniors can prepare for the ACT

On April 28, 2010 juniors will take the ACT test at New Salem Almont High School. There is no charge for juniors to take the ACT at school. The ACT test will be given to North Dakota juniors in their high schools as part of HB 1400, which was passed during the most recent legislative session.

Juniors can help prepare themselves for the ACT by taking some sample tests, which are available, online. Sample tests are available on the Act website at Once at the site, click on “the test”, then on “practice tests”. The U.S. Army provides another site; go to Once at the site, students will register to create a username and password. When registered, click on “ACT practice tests.”

Another way to prepare for the ACT is to use “testGear” which is part of the (Bridges) website. Students have already created an account on this site. If a student does not remember his/her portfolio name and password, the student should contact Mrs. Linda Becker for this information. Once a student has logged into “” then click on “testGear.”

In order to make the most effective use of “testGear” the student should then click on the “SMART Curriculum.” This consists of a short quiz, which will result in a customized curriculum that will focus on what the student needs to learn.

“TestGear” consists of the following: tests, practorials, microcourses, and labs that can help a student learn many of the concepts that are assessed on the ACT. The end result is the highest ACT score possible. To ensure the highest ACT score, students must also get enough sleep especially during the week of the test and eat a nutritious breakfast on the test day.

For underclassmen that want to do their best on the ACT be sure to take challenging math, science and English classes. In addition, students need to do their best in all of their classes. Remember that high ACT scores can help students qualify for some scholarships.

ND Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar (HOBY)
HOBY is a 3-day Seminar, which will be held June 4-6, 2010 on the Bismarck State College (BSC) Campus. It is a hands-on program designed to recognize and develop leadership potential in sophomore students. HOBY provides a structured and intense setting for outstanding students, called ambassadors, from across the state to interact with recognized local, state and national leaders of business, government, education, media, the arts and the non-profit sector.

The seminar gives the ambassadors practice at being leaders through participation in leadership and team building activities, icebreakers, simulations and motivational experiences. Student ambassadors attending will acquire leadership skills that they can take back to their schools and communities. Ambassadors complete a service-learning project while attending the HOBY Seminar and are challenged to complete a minimum of 100 hours of volunteer service annually to give back to their communities. The student cost for attending is $150. New Salem Almont sophomores, who are interested in attending, please contact your counselor right away. For more information, go to

If you have any questions on career and other counseling issues, please contact Mrs. Linda Becker at New Salem Almont High School at 843-7610. She is most often at the High School on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Do your best!