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Hebron - October 18, 2006

Counselor’s Corner

Dr. Gaylynn Becker
National Certified Career Counselor
Hebron & New Salem High Schools

It is with mixed emotions that I write my final Counselor’s Corner article for The Hebron Herald. I have accepted employment that is closer to where I live and is equally interesting and challenging. My new position is the curriculum/data coordinator for Mandan Public Schools. I will still remain the career counselor and district testing coordinator at New Salem Public Schools.

I will miss working with students and parents of Hebron. I will also miss working with the teachers, staff, administrators, and school board of Hebron Public Schools. The Hebron Public School District can be proud of these dedicated professionals.

There is someone ready to take my place that is also fully qualified, experienced, and already serving nearby schools. I hope that you will all support my replacement as well as you have supported me.

Do Your Best
Students of Hebron High School continue to listen well in class, do your homework, and ask relevant questions. I also hope that students consider their strengths and interests in their career decision-making.

I hope those students who put a lot of effort into their education continue to do so. Those who aren’t putting enough effort into their education should ratchet it up a bit. Your futures depend upon it. Your actions also have a big impact on your parents, siblings, classmates, and friends. Great Scott! They will have an even bigger effect on your future spouse and children!

Listen to Mom & Dad
Remember, most of the time those who have your best interests in mind are your parents. They have invested a lot of time and effort into getting you this far in life. They want to see you continue to succeed and have the best life that is possible. When making difficult decisions, I recommend, “Listen to Mom and Dad.” You will have the benefit of their experience and wisdom. Some day they will not be there. But, you can still ask yourself, “I wonder what Mom and Dad would do?”

A Jewel In Hebron
Thanks to Jane Brandt and The Hebron Herald staff for assisting me these past 5 years by publishing my articles. This is a great method for the career-counseling program to provide information to parents, students, and other readers. This was like finding a jewel in Hebron.

I also thank Jane Brandt and her staff for their great coverage of our young people’s activities. I believe that publicizing our youths’ accomplishments helps them to continue to strive at doing positive actions.

The Hebron Herald is to be commended for providing our youth the opportunity to write the “Bearcat News.” I expect to read articles and books written by some of these fine young writers in the future. The Hebron Herald’s tradition of support for our community’s youth is very important for our future. Great Scott! Our youth are our future. Thanks!

The End Of A Chapter
This is the end of another chapter in my life. The Hebron community helped it to be a great one for me. I hope the new chapter is as interesting and great as the last chapter. I hope all of your new chapters in life are blessed and happy too.

Have an excellent academic day!