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Hebron - May 31, 2006

Counselor’s Corner

© 2006 by
Dr. Gaylynn Becker
National Certified Career Counselor
Hebron & New Salem High Schools

“Field of Dreams”

Just as in the movie “Field of Dreams” I hope that the graduates – high school and college – continue to follow their plan to realize their goals and achieve their own “Field of Dreams.” If the plan isn’t specific enough yet with the necessary short and long-term goals, I hope you each take the time to develop the short and long-term goals needed so that you each can achieve your “Field of Dreams.”

If you need some help keep in mind that most of you have 2 excellent people at your disposal – your parents. Continue talking with them and getting their input and advice. Your parents have much invested in you. No its not money your parents and grandparents want a return on, they want to see you be successful and want you to realize your goals and dreams too.

I hope that you all will nourish a positive attitude. At times this may be difficult to do. Sometimes a positive attitude is one of the main things we can cling to in weathering some storms life has to offer.

I hope you listen to your dreams. Continue to plan your future and set goals for yourself. Time management is an important issue for us all. If we manage our time well, then time will treat us well in return.

I hope you continue to dream, plan, set goals, and celebrate the achievement of goals! I hope that each of you takes advantage of your unique abilities (what you are good at) and your interests in your career planning process. Career planning is a lifelong process. Education can be both on the job and in the classroom. Education is the key that unlocks the doors to our future.
Earlier this month Karl – my son – graduated from college. I will be assisting him move to Iowa this week where he will be starting a new job as a systems engineer with an avionics company. I’m sure he will find cornfields and lots of cornstalks. Interesting. Iowa – is this where he will find his “Field of Dreams?”

We have a lot invested in him too. No its not money I want. What I want is for him to be successful and happy in life. Its what I’ve always wanted for him ever since he was born. Now that he graduated from college I find that this is still what I want for him. I guess this will always be what I want for him. This may be the same or similar for each of your parents – I certainly hope it is.

In conclusion, I hope each graduating senior from high school and college continues on following your hopes and dreams. Keep following your plan. If your plan isn’t complete, continue developing your plan so that you too can realize your “Field of Dreams!”

For more information please see my Career Planning website at or contact me at Hebron High School at 878-4442, at New Salem High School at 843-7610, or at my residence at 222-3222.

Have an excellent future!